Tuesday, November 29, 2016

smart agriculture workshop in china

21st century agricultural technology for more food production discussed in Yinchuan china 24 to 25 th November 2016  for your kind agricultural information

Internet plus agricultural  strategy
Applicable technologies IoT , Data mining, Big Data
ICT  Industrial world priority.
World  situation and china situation
Any system can be digitized and inter connected.
Without funding nothing  can be done
Google  for world  and Baidu for china
Investment of  agricultural  by 4P(public private people partnership) model
In china produce fruits and vegetables,rice,cotton, corn,wheat, soybeans,milk, pork,chickens,beef
Integrated  smart irrigation system
Green house in china
Waste to compost to soil less production
Robot  green house agriculture
VRT Fertilizer applicator China
Environment friendly www.northernfertilizer.org
Nitrogen fertilizer application factor control
Chemical inpute use
Nursery tray with cocopit
Reducing fertilizer 20% by ebeeag drone
Rice transplanter
Grain combine harvester
Weeding robot
Speed sprayer for orchards
Remote control  tractor
Oil palm harvesting robot
Plant factory for an human specific crop production
Forest tapping design in china
Aero photography in china
Plant health clinic and agricultural clinic
Agricultural professional mobile number for example +8801713479525
Eco- Efficiency of Agriculture(genetic resources, restoration degraded land,soils fertility,climate change)
Novo gene (Beijing genomics institute)
Climate smart villages
smart animal husbandry in india
Agricultural cinema
Sensor ( soil, crop, aquaculture)
Mounted soil china
Jujube orchard china
Digital maize planting management system in china
E commerce marketing platform in china for apple
Sugar white leaf disease control
Public awareness of food safety
Medi food
Human nutrition   trace elements
Improving global food security through plantwise


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